The soon to be released Movie, MONUMENTAL demonstrates the power of America resides within the walls of OUR homes, not the Halls of Government

This article and the movie, Monumental, soon to be released, is critical material for ALL of us regardless political bent. We Have become more focused on the Stongest Social Entity, THE FAMILY and belief in the Power of Self…

This paragraph struck me with Impact:

“Here’s my hunch: Could it be that we have simply forgotten what made us such a great nation in the first place? So many people are waiting around for our leaders to come up with a grand plan to save our nation. But is that really how America got started? What if things actually work the other way around? What if real change doesn’t start at the top but at the bottom? What if the best place to begin transforming our country is not the Oval Office but the dinner table?”

Read more: ‘Monumental': America’s National Treasure Resides in Our Homes, Not the White House

Watch the trailer and demand the Movie be shown in your theater:

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